Brand new kids ride for aQuellé Tour Durban


Durban – While thousands of avid cyclists enjoy the 21st edition of the aQuellé Tour Durban presented by Sunday Tribune on Sunday 26 April, the brand new one kilometre Sunday Tribune Kids Ride has been added to the programme to give younger members of the family the chance to be part of the iconic event.

Starting at 11am, the Kids Ride will consist of one lap of the concrete walkway that surrounds the green lawns and the ever-popular jungle gym in the People’s Park precinct, and is open to all young children.

The multi-faceted and family friendly People’s Park, situated at the iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium, serves as an idyllic platform for tomorrow’s cycling stars and their parent to enjoy a day in the saddle with the peace of mind that the venue’s secure environment provides.

Parents are encouraged to assist their youngsters who might be unsteady on their kids small push bikes or plastic three-wheelers. Organisers are anticipating a wide variety of two, three of even four wheeled bikes.

The timing of the Kids Race has been carefully planned to allow parents who have completed the 105km Road Race, the 45km Fun Ride or the 55km Cyclocross race to be able to escort their children on their one kilometre East Coast cycling experience.

The organisers have added the kids race to contribute to the family atmosphere that has become a hallmark of the aQuellé Tour Durban in recent years.

The reliably good Autumn weather in the Kingdom of the Zulu makes Durban a popular destination at this time of the year and the event’s diverse programme is tailor made for local cycling enthusiasts and the growing influx of out-of-town visitors that Durban welcomes to its warm and sunny shores over the Freedom Day long weekend.

Entry for this inaugural children’s cycling experience is free of charge with every finisher being rewarded with a refreshing bottle of aQuellé. While helmets are not compulsory, they are strongly advised.

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